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Disbursement Authorizations & Contract Packages (Submit 7 Days Prior to Closing)

We review any contract package within 3 business days. Submit your completed contract package 7 days before closing and all will be fine, even if we have to ask for revisions due to incorrect submissions. If you submit for a DA on Monday at 5 pm, it will be reviewed by Thursday at 5 pm. If you submit it on Friday at noon, it will be reviewed by Wednesday at noon. Title companies generally want DAs 1-2 days prior to closing. Because of this, it’s a policy for you to submit contract packages at least 7 calendar days before closing (1 week). This is work that has to be done, so why not do it early? If you hate paperwork, please consider using our very affordable $150/file transaction coordination and they’ll handle it for you. If you continuously submit for DAs late, we will require that you use transaction coordination.

What is a Company Lead vs an Agent-Generated Lead?

A Company Lead is one sourced by Bramlett Residential, while an Agent Generated Lead is one sourced by an agent’s efforts. We spend a lot of time and effort tracking everything so that we know where everyone’s business comes from.

What if I can’t tell where a lead came from?

If you’re not sure where a lead came from, reach out to support and we’ll research our tracking to see if we’re able to. It’s important for you to determine this early so that you have proper expectations. It’s also important for you to know where your own leads come from, so you can track your own business.

What are the most common reasons DAs are rejected?

Beyond entering important information (like splits) incorrectly, “missing documents” is the most common reason we reject DAs. We also require that you provide an email address and phone number for every contact – your clients, cooperating agent, lender, and title. This is often missed.

Do you allow client rebates?

We absolutely allow client rebates. If this is a Bramlett Company Lead, then you need to get approval for any rebate. If this is an agent-generated deal, you’re pre-approved to rebate any client. Please reach out to us if you’d like to discuss any rebate, though, and we may reach out to you if we think you’re unnecessarily rebating many clients.

What is an additional payee?

An Additional Payee is someone who is paid part of the commission who isn’t the agent. This is usually a referral (like an agent from out of town who sends you business) and it’s sometimes your client who you’re giving a rebate to for some reason.

When is an Additional Payee “before split” and “after split”?

An Additional Payee is “before split” most of the time. Additional Payees are usually referrals or rebates, which are shared by the brokerage (most of the time.) If you’re not sure, then reach out to support for clarification.

When are fees “before split” and “after split”?

Fees are “before split” on Company Leads and “after split” on Agent Generated business.

What are reimbursements?

Reimbursements are for Company Leads when you’ve spent money to sell a house. These are usually for things like staging, pictures, or other marketing materials.

How long is a Company Lead a Company Lead?

A Company Lead is a Company Lead for 18 months after you close the first transaction with them.

If a Company Lead refers me someone, is that a Company Lead or Agent Generated?

Referrals from Company Leads are considered Company Leads for 6 months after the first transaction from the original Company Lead.

What are the splits for leases?

Company lead lease splits are 70/30. If a lease lead later buys, it is still a company lead for 18 months after the first closing. Agent generated leases are 80/20 or 90/10, depending on your Tier. Lease production does not count towards your cap. After you cap, agent generated leases are on a 95/5. Read ALL about leases here.

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